Thermal Imaging

Using infrared thermal imaging as a mean to verify that a physiological change has occurred. Images are taken of the horse prior to dental work being performed. You can see by the time stamps that the "after" images are taken between 15 and 30 minutes after, and already, significant changes have occurred.

Any use of these images for diagnostic purposes must be done by a veterinarian.

Horse #1

Pre dental. The TMJ area shows heat. Post dental. The TMJ is showing diminished heat

Pre dental

Post dental

The right leg in this image shows an injury from several months prior. According to the owner and the vet there was long term rehab done on the right leg,which in this image is showing higher heat than the other three legs. This correlates to the heat image of the right TMJ and the influences of one to the other.

Horse #2

Pre dental. In the high heat area of the throat latch,
this horse wears a cribbing collar.

Post dental. The target is centered on the TMJ, the area we are most interested in. The thermogram shows decreased heat in this region after dental work.


Horse #3

Pre dental

Post dental




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