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horse teethOptimize the Health and Performance of Your Horse with Naturally Balanced Equine Dentistry

Equine dentistry has emerged as a major factor in a horse's performance, nutrition, and overall attitude. It all starts with the mouth.

The Rite Bite Equine Dentistry is committed to the ultimate well being of your horse. What ever can be done to benefit the horse is the number one priority.  All dentistry is done with hand tools only using instruments that are specifically designed to be efficient and minimally invasive.

The Rite Bite provides an effective, safe, relaxed and beneficial experience for your horse. Phil Ratliff is an expert in the field of equine dentistry who is not only a highly sought after practitioner, but a teacher as well.

Equine Oral Dynamics: Proper Balance Starts With the Mouth

The Rite Bite focuses on realignments to remove oral interferences thus allowing for the fluid motion and optimal neuro-muscular function. This results in the proper transmission and reception of neurological signals to the horse's body. Proper Signals = Optimum Performance.

Learn more about of teeth, balance, TMJ, proprioception and how they all work together in the Oral Bio-Mechanics page.



“With minimally invasive techniques,
I re-align the bio mechanical function to fit the individual horse.”

Whether your horse is a back yard companion or a top performer, he deserves the best, most natural and least invasive dental care. Schedule an appointment with Phil Ratliff, and give your horse the Rite Bite.


Based in Arizona, Phil Ratliff practices, conducts seminars, and teaches throughout the country.

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